Wednesday, March 17, 2010

$630 MILLION TO TRAIN MORE DOCTORS -Wednesday 17th March 2010

This week the peripatetic Kevin Rudd was at a baby kissing event to announce that the Government will plonk $630m on the table to train more doctors.


1. Don't the medical undergraduates already pay a fortune in HECCS?

2. Aren't they just herded into large lecture theatres with one lecturer to learn how to look up Index Medicus?

Training medical students doesn't sound like an expensive exercise to me. Many would be better off doing a two year TAFE course and then apprenticed to a doctor and a hospital. In 4 or 5 years they'd come out with a fair idea about the common complaints and what to do to restore poor health to good.

3. Aren't there more effective and less expensive ways of treating people than in a surgery.

As I mentioned yesterday, if nurses, fitness practitioners, naturopaths and counsellors were given access to Medicare the country would be a lot fitter and healthier, hospitals would be half empty and the Government could cut medical expenditure in half.

Rudd is racing around the country, throwing more bad money after worse and propping up a bloated, inefficient and expensive industry. It's obscene.

On the track
Walking and running again. Nothing to write home about but calves and Achilles feeling better. Am using The Stick to massage my calves, morning and night. Seems to be useful. You can read more about The Stick on this link

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and tell Kevin Rudd that he can't solve health, fitnes and wellbeing problems by pouring money down the medical black hole.

John Miller

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