Wednesday, March 10, 2010


David Wilson, Dean of the Faculty Medicine at Queensland University wrote a piece in the Weekend Australian about how good the medical degrees were in Australian universities. He wrote, 'Australia has a world class medical system.'

I wrote and told him that's bunkum.

Over the last 40 years the medical schools have increasingly churned out practitioners of junk medicine - which is defined as the medicine that masks symptoms without restoring poor function to good.

All a doctor has to do these days is reach for the pad and the EFTPOS machine. You could train a drover's dog to do that, and certainly in less than 10 years.

There are three great body system dysfunctions of our time

- metabolic
- musculo-skeletal
- psychological

The doctors of Australia are poorly equipped to deal with these dysfunctions. All they're trained to do is send their customers down to the chemists and over to the specialist. They won't even deliver babies for chrissakes, let alone pull out an appendix!

I know the medical industry is very poorly equipped to diagnose the cause of musculo-skeletal dysfunction, let alone prescribe the exercises needed to restore poor function to good. All they're trained to do is mask the pain.

Similarly, because they know next to nothing about aerobic fitness they dose all their metabolically challenged customers up with drugs instead of sharpening them up on the running track and in the swimming pool.

Don't you tell your students that high blood pressure is not caused by a lack of Avpro, diabetes is not caused by a lack of Gliclazide, elevated cholesterol levels are not caused by a lack of Lipitor, insomnia is not due to a lack of Stilnox, any more than piles are caused by a lack of Anusol? It's the wrong treatment. It leads to worse function not better.

This is not world's best practice by any shakes of the imagination.

The students these universities have been graduating are so wrapped in the pharmaceutical warp they get suckered by doctor shoppers into providing them with opiates for bogus headaches and crook backs.

They get suckered by people on compo, attributing personally-generated dysfunctions to work-related injuries.

They get suckered by the drug companies into attending silver service dinner where they get plied with Grange Hermitage while having their bellies scratched.

I could go on and on.

The population is becoming unfitter and unhealthier by the day. The people the medical schools been graduating have had a significant bearing on this decline. A bloated, inefficient and highly protected medical industry has proven itself to be deficient in bucking this trend.

Doctors don't know how to measure how fit their customers are - and yet this is probably the best primary care measure of metabolic health. They don't know how to prescribe exercise and when they do they get the dosage wrong.

And because of the protection - $80B in public money - and because of the status of the medical profession, people keep going back - in blind faith - for treatments that don't restore poor function to good. Their condition gets worse.

Wilson concluded his article by saying, 'Medical education in Australia is of a high quality and most doctors are well prepared at medical school.'

told him, that if he believed that he'd believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.
I haven't heard from him.

On the track
Went to the gym.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you want to stay fit and healthy steer clear of the Queensland University Medical School.

John Miller

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