Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DOCTORS WANT MORE MONEY - Monday 15th March 2010

Read a report about doctors wanting more public money to supervise medical graduates.

They already get $450 a week for the privelege of having someone in the surgery to do some of their work and $200 a week to have a chat with them.

Not enough says Townsville GP, Barbara Dignam, chairwoman of the National GP Supervisors Association. She reckons the doctors need $2000 a week to provide medical graduates with a room while working under the supervision of a GP.

Where do people pluck these figures from? You can rent a block of flats for that amount.

Surely medical graduates with four of five years education under their belt are in rooms consulting and earning their keep. They must know something about how to fix up a crook back, write out a certificate for someone with the flu, weight a baby, measure blood pressure ...

A drovers dog could do some of this work., it's dead easy. It's TAFE stuff.

I think we make doctoring look more complicated than it really is. Certainly we've made the cheap expensive and the simple complicated.

This bloated, inefficient and highly protected industry has become too precious for words. In a few short years nurse and fitness practitioners will have taken over a lot of these jobs. Doctors will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs and playing golf on Wednesday.
On the track

Went for a walk with the boys and ran for 10 minutes. Getting back into ity.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned asnd wahcth while the work doctors have been doing gets taken over by nurses, naturopaths and fitness practitioners

John Miller

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