Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TARONGA PARK ZOO Saturday 27th February 2010

Christine and I took the little fellas to Taronga Park Zoo.

I've never been there, just heard lots about it.

It was jam packed with people and kids. At $41 an adult it's not cheap. In fact I was thinking that the NSW Government charges people more to go to the Zoo than they do yo go to a hospital.

We got in for $28 each - a privilege that comes with being over 60.

We watched the seal exhibition. A top show.

The first seal display I ever say was at the Melbourne Aquarium when I was about 4. It got burnt down - which always amused me. How do you burn down an aquarium?

The bird show was good too. I'd like to know how you can train birds to perform. It must take immeasurable amounts of patience.

On the track
There was no track, unless you count 4 hours wandering around Taronga Park. I think it was sufficient. By the end of the day I was stuffed. Then we had to come back to the hotel, feed and bath the boys and out them to bed.

Thank heaven I don't have to do that every night.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and spend the day with your grand children at the zoo.

John Miller


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