Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NURSES MUSCLE IN ON DOCTORS Tuesday 16th March 2010

Some very good news has come to hand.

The Minister for Health has given nurses the go-ahead to start doing some of the work doctors have been doing and getting a Medicare rebate for the pleasure.

This is exceptionally good news. Nurses are quite capable of doing a lot of the work doctors are doing.

The doctors are pissed off; as well the may. Their cosy, protected monopoly looks like being ripped apart. This is the thin edge of a wedge that hopefully will forge a gap that you'll soon be able to drive a truck through.

But to a large degrees, doctors are people with long and expensive medical degrees dabbling in health, fitness and well being, disciplines for which they are not trained and about which they don't have a clue. Running amok with the pad doesn't fix any of the great dysfunctions of our time - metabolic, musculo-skeletal or psychological.

The doctors can't have it both ways. They can't complain about being overworked and then not pass off some of their busy work onto people who can do the job better.

I'll give you a case in point.

According to the NH&MR, 95% of lower back pain is not a serious medical condition. The risk is that you may have a tumour, or something wrong with your kidneys, but to repeat, in 95% of cases the pain is caused by muscles somewhere in the body dragging bones in the spinal; column out of alignment.

(Actually doctors don't know this simple principle. They think the cause of the pain is the herniated disc and send you off to the surgeon to cut the disc out. (No wonder hospitals are bursting at the seems.) They don't have a cause for the herniated disc.)

So if you've got a crook back - go to the gym and get a good set of exercises.

If you've got any of the metabolic dysfunctions - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes (type 2) , go to the gym as well and work out like buggery.

If you feel shidouse, go to the counsellor, the gym and the naturopath. Steer clear of the doctor, you'll just come away with a drug to paper over your anger/disappointment/grief/vacuity, poor health, lack of energy and vitality ...

On the track
Spent 30 minutes on the stepper at levels 6,7, and 8. A better workout, but not busting my boiler.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember; doctors would have their work cut by 70% if the government gave some Medicare numbers to nurses, counsellors, fitness practitioners and naturopaths. The community would be a whole lot fitter. Thank Mrs Roxon for making a start with the nurses.

John Miller

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