Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FAT KIDS Thursday 25th February 2010

The big news today is the government wants to do something about fat kids. The Minister for Health is proposing to give the Divisions of General Practice more money to run programs for fat doctors.

I couldn't believe it. Obesity is not a medical problem. Why are scarce resources being spent on professional development for doctors?

Some days you just want to roll your head from side to side.

Daily fitness, that's what kids need. In a small town in America that's exactly what's happened. Kids have got to put in a good solid hour of high intensity exercise. At the high school they put in a huge gym, complete with bikes, treadmills and cross trainers. The kids love it.

The Australian Government has just spent $16B building school facilities. Guess what's in them? Nothing.

In South Australia during the 1980's they developed the best Daily PhysEd curriculum in the world. Guess what happened to it? The resource books are now gathering dust on shelves and the kids are cooped up in cages.

It would break your heart.

And money is going to doctors!

On the track
There was no track. Lisa and the boys have come to stay. Instead we went to Questacon for half a day to watch science tricks. Balloons busting as liquid nitrogen evaporated scared the little bloke out of his wits.

Pity the poor kids who go back to school all fired up only to find that science means equations.

In the meantime stay tuned and if you've got a fat kid get him or her down to the surgery quick smart.

John Miller

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