Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DOCTOR SHOPPING - Tuesday 23rd February 2010

How stupid does a doctor have to be to get suckered by doctor shoppers?

It happens all the time.

In the sleepy seaside suburb of Lesswell there’s a doctor who provides his customers with all manner of drug cocktails. If he’s reading this article he may recall prescribing one of them with Aropax, Epilim, Valium and morphine, all at the same time. He may also recall prescribing 50 Valium tablets one day and another 50 four days later to the same customer. He’s very lucky he hasn’t been had up for manslaughter, for his customer, who ended up in hospital in a coma, lived to tell the tale.

Some of his customers treat his surgery as a pharmaceutical super market where they can get access to whatever they want, whenever they want. All they need to do is stack on a turn and they’re off to the chemists. (You want more morphine, just tell him you’ve got a crook back.)

The local chemist turns a blind eye, his slice of the action coming from the onerous task of counting out the pills, typing up a label, sticking it on a bottle and putting the script into a box under the counter.

The medical staff at the local hospital turn a blind eye as well. Maybe it’s a business decision! The prescribing doctor never turns up at the hospital to check out the results of his handy work and the hospital staff are too callow to dob him in.

The State’s Medical Board gets an alert from a concerned party and fires off a ‘please explain’ to the doctor. It’s not important enough to send someone down to investigate.

The doctor sends back a response which the Medical Board accepts – after all, doctor knows best. The concerned party gets the brush off. Apparently it’s not the Medical Boards’s responsibility to investigate issues of malpractice.

The rest of the local doctors turn their heads the other way. In fact they palm their worst customers off onto Dr Feelgood. It keeps their noses clean and the riffraff out of their waiting rooms.

On the track
20 minutes on the stepper. They say 20 minutes is good. Well hardly, but better than nothing.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you want to go doctor shopping, go down to Lesswell.

John Miller

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