Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NATIONAL CURRICULUM Wednesday February 24th 2010

The peripatetic Minister for Education announces a new national school curriculum.

It's not new at all, just the same old same old that anyone under the age of 100 has had to put up with.

And guess what, the Minister leaves out the most important subjects

- play, games and sport
- health and fitness
- cooking
- success.

What have we got, pictures in the paper of kids sitting on their bums, cooped up in classrooms being toldby fat teachers to shut up and get on with their work. No wonder we're breeding a race of fat kids.

And what are they studying, maths, science, English and history. Dead boring.

And what are they doing, busy work when they could be outside racing around.

Give professors half a chance and what's the best they can come up with; maths, science, English and history.

At a time when the population has never been unhealthier, when we're in the midst of an epidemic of depression and ADHD, when it costs the government 10% of the GDP in welfare., the best the Minister can come up with is maths, science, English and history.

Success! Wouldn't it be good to have a subject called success? How good would it be if every kid graduated from high school with a success mentality, with a thirst for the good life, and with the knowledge of how to become wealthy?

Nope, just maths, science, English and history.

Maybe the Minister should change her name to Dullard, because that's what this education revolution is going to perpetuate, dullness.

It would make you weep, particularly if you don't have the maths gene.

We leave to chance the things that are most valuable.

On the track
A very good session on the stepper. 40 minutes all over 140 bpm; 864 steps and 653 calories.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly toned and thank god you don't have to spend another 13 years in school.

John Miller

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