Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HOSPITALS GOING BROKE Sunday 14th March 2010

I've been visiting the local private hospital.

I know now why they're going broke. They only work Monday to Friday. They don't work shifts.
Go there to visit someone on the weekend and there's nobody there. It's like a morgue. On Sunday you can't get a cup of coffee or a sandwich. The shop is closed.

There is a skeleton staff of nurses looking after the patients who had operations during the week.

So here we have massive buildings with massive overheads and they're not working 24/7.

Hopeless, just hopeless.

The government is spending outrageous sums of money building new theatres and for 12 hours of every week day and 48 hours on the weekend they're empty.

I think we ought to get Santos, BHP, Woodside and McDonalds in to run the hospitals. Let's have Gerry Harvey on the next Hospitals Reform Commission.

They've got the wrong management in there at the moment. No wonder they're going broke.

This is just another example of medical bloat and inefficiency. They want to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday at the taxpayers' expense.

On the track
No track. Taking it easy.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and next time someone complains about hospitals going broke, say 'of course they are, they're hopelessly managed.'

John Miller

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