Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DENTAL FEE RIP OFF - Thursday 4th March 2010

A mate of mine sent me the following email.

'On the question of costs and health, just a little story closer to home. About three weeks ago, Chris had a very bad toothache (on a Saturday).

On Sunday morning she finally phoned an emergency number. She was promptly told that

(1) being Sunday, there would be an $88 surcharge, and that

(2) she would need to bring $300 in cash.

Upon arriving, we found that the surgery was actually in the dentist's house! You had to walk through her lounge room to the actual surgery.

Twenty minutes and $300 later, she assured Chris that all would be fine.

The next day, her face was up like a balloon and she had to visit the local GP for a course of anti-biotics. She then booked into her local dentist. About forty minutes and $150 later, he said she would need to see an endo-dontist. I believe the term is derived from the ancient Greek: endo meaning "bring lots of", and dontist meaning "money".

Last Friday was her first visit. It took him twenty minutes and $180 to tell her what it would cost to actually do the job. There would be a total of four appointments - one of 60 minutes, one of 45 minutes, and a couple of shorter ones. He obviously likes Chris, as he is only going to charge $2,800 for the work. Sounds like a bargain to me!

Where do they pluck these figures from?'

On the track
No track today.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and hope like hell the government sets up a 2 year dental course at a TAFE near you.

John Miller

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