Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BASKETBALL - Monday 8th March 2010

Came back from Sydney last night and went straight to the club for tea.

Couldn't help but notice a basketball game on one of the big screens.

They've really stuffed this game up.

When I was a kid basketball was a popular and growing sport; lots of people played it regardless of their size.

In the 80's an 90's it was very popular. Australian basketball was on TV. Canberra still had a team.

Then it got taken over by American hype. If you're not 7 feet tall forget it. There's no future for you you.

This is a sport that's lost all credibility with the sporting public.

In fact it's not going to change until they start separate leagues at the highest level for teams with all players under 6 feet tall. World championships, Olympic Games - all competitions need height classes - just like there are weight classifications in rowing and weight lifting.

The need to attract taller and taller players into Australian major league teams has completely stuff up the sport. It's become dominated by dominated by freaks of nature leaving skillful players or an ordinary sort of height to go elsewhere.

The other thing I've never liked about basketball is the physical contact. It's meant to be a non-contact sport. It's far from it. It's spoilt a good game.

On the track
Went for a walk this morning. You wouldn't write home about that.

In the meantime, stay tuned, highly tuned and regardless of how skillful you are, if you're not 7 feet tall don't even think of considering a career in basketball.

John Miller

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