Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SKPYE YOUR DOCTOR - Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Ever wondered why doctors are so over worked.

There's a few reasons.

1. They spend 80% of their time trying to solve fitness problems with medical solutions. Doesn't work. They just create more work for themselves. They're floundering around in the dark. It's a lurk

2. Unlike their accountancy and legal mates they haven't learnt how to bill their customers for telephone and email consultations - let alone use skype to communicate with them.

Why in the heck do you have to go to see your doctor to get some advice or a prescription - or a repeat prescription. Why not ring them.

If they had a chess clock they could set it running and bill you in 5 minute increments.

Once the metre clicked over $50 you'd get an account, or they'd automatically take money out of your credit card and email you a receipt.
This is 21st Century doctoring.

How would it be if you agreed to pay your doctor $50 a month for consultations - regardless of whether they were face to face or not? Some months you might be ahead, some months square, some months a bit behind. At the end of the year there could be a reckoning to square up the account. This is how your other health organisation - the gym works.
On the track
Since the weekend I've been lacking in energy. Thank god we're not intending to have more kids. Imagine being a dad again in your mid 60's? You'd still be going to parent teacher nights when you were 80. No thanks.
Went on the stepper for 20 minutes at level 4. I can hardly bare to write the numbers
In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and skype your doctor.
John Miller

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