Monday, March 15, 2010

RUDD SUCKS UP TO DOCTORS AND NURSES - Wednesday March 10th 2010

Kevin Rudd, with Minister for Heath two steps behind continues his inexorable march to every hospital in Australia.

What I can't work out is when he has time to do his work.

The health of Australians won't get better because Rudd and Roxon are traipsing through hospitals with doctors and nurses telling them how wonderful they are. They love them. They're going to get money. They'll have more autonomy.

I'm waiting for Rudd and Roxon to go to a gym, have a work out and tell the fitness practitioners they're going to get 'an indicative' $13B in new funding over the next 4 years to improve the health and fitness of Australians. It's a big ask in this country expecting to get healthy without getting fit.

I'm waiting for Rudd, Roxon and Julia Dullard to go to a school and announce that every school is going to have more PhysEd teachers and more time in the school program to get kids in exceptionally good shape.

On the track
No track, taking it easy for a week.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and don't hold your breath waiting for Rudd and Roxon to Turn up at a gym near you.

John Miller

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