Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RUDD SELLES HOSPITAL REFORM - Friday 12th March 2010

Rudd is at it again. Another day and other hospital photo shoot with the hapless Mrs Roxon in tow.

He's out there selling his new hospitals reform bill.

He should be selling off the public hospitals. There is no more reason for a government to run a hospital than there is for it to run an airline, a bank or an electricity utility.

The only reason they do it is because they've been doing it for donkey's years and because they can't make the distinction between the words 'medical' and 'welfare.'

If the government wants to subsidize medical treatment it can do that without owning hospitals.

The medical industry, bloated and inefficient that it is, is quite capable of organising itself without government intervention.

After writing the other day about the incestuous Health and Hospitals Reform Commission the best thing that could have been done was to put David Crawford in charge of it - sift through all the medical garbage and set the business of running hospitals up on a firm, business-like footing.

On the track
No track this week. Taking as break.

In the meantime stay tuned and I'll bet you there's a photo of Rudd with the hapless Mrs Roxon in tow in the paper tomorrow.

John Miller

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