Sunday, April 11, 2010

KEVIN RUDD:THE THE BIGGEST LOSER - Thursday 18thg March 2010

Kevin Rudd’s at it again. Another day, other hospital to announce a new diabetes initiative: $430million to go to doctors so that can better monitor customers with diabetes.

That’s just one hell of a lot of money to pour down the medical black hole. Where in the hell do they pluck these numbers from? Who in the Department of Health is plucking them?

Surely when people have diabetes they front up to the doctors and pay their account as per normal. You don’t need more money for that.

The thing I’m really critical of is the fact that Rudd and the Minister for Health (lurking in his shadow) think that going to the doctor constitutes best practice for the treatment of the diabetic form of metabolic dysfunction.

How can it be when going to the surgery didn’t stop it from happening in the first place? This is just another of the personally-generated, lifestyle-related body system dysfunctions that the medical industry doesn’t have a clues about.

What can people expect - another sermon on losing weight, eating more bread and ambling around the block a few times a week? And who takes any notice? I’ll tell you who takes notice; nobody.

I’ve got a mate who’s suddenly found out he’s got diabetes. He’s 30 Kg over weight for starters. Then he told me he’s going to the gym once a week. He’s dreaming. Whoever put him up to that knows nothing about exercise as a treatment for metabolic dysfunction. They need their head read.

It’s just the wrong treatment. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Where does Rudd get this advice from? How is this money going to make on diabetic customer fitter and healthier. They’ll just get fed more junk medication that won’t go within a bull’s roar of restoring poor function to good.

Rudd should be spending $430m sending people to the Biggest Loser for a couple of months.

On the track.

What track!

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and wait for the Prime Minister and his shadow to spend an hour in a hospital near you.

John Miller

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