Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MEDICAL INSURANCE Tuesday 6th April 2010

Australia needs a first party compulsory medical insurance. If it's good enough for the car industry it's good enough for the medical industry.

Exempt children. The Government can pay for them. Then you can get rid of community rating and family rates.

Every adult needs to pay their share of compulsory, first party health insurance. Forget the family cover.

Rate the premiums against risk
Each adult needs to be insured - with the premium rated against risk. That might sharpen a few people up!

Pensions can be increased by an amount equivalent to the amount required to pay a basic health insurance cover - with no frills - like sandshoes and gym memberships.

It would cost each person about a couple of Grand a year.

All adults need to pay into a fund - with the fees of those unable to pay being paid by the Government on a Medical Contribution Scheme basis. The Government either gets reimbursed when people's income rises, or it's take out of their estate when they die. If there is no estate, then so be it. That's welfare.

On the track
No track today. Left early to spend the day lecturing at the AIS.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and keep yourself in good shape. You'll save money on health insurance.

John Miller

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