Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HOSPITALS - A note to Kevin Rudd - Saturday 27th March

Sell off the big public hospitals. The only hospitals that may need to be publicly owned are those in small towns that nobody wants to buy. Fund Local Government to run them. Forget the setting up of hospital boards. They'll end up being run by a medical industry. Why would you leave the medical system in the hands of a professional group that has put us in the current mess?

There is no more reason for governments to run hospitals than there is for them to run airlines, power stations and banks.

All the Commonwealth Government has to do is work out how to protect the needy, the chronically ill and those who are just unable to pay their accounts. It's a welfare problem, not a health problem and you solve it through the welfare system.

You don't need to protect the fat, the lazy, the unfit and those who won't lift a finger to help themselves.

It’s time the Government wiped its hands of this mess. Sell off the hospitals. Let someone else take the blame for stuffing them up. It will be an enduring legacy.

Put out a tender. Bring in the merchant banks and float them off. Sell the hospitals off to organisations who can run them properly - this won't be bumbling medical organisations.

Case in point.

I was at the John James hospital in Canberra last Saturday and Sunday and there's nobody there. It was like a morgue. They only work 9 - 5, Monday to Friday. No wonder they're going broke. They need Jerry Harvey and the people who run the big mining companies in there to sort them out.

The hospitals have become bloated. They're full of hangers on, people doing junk research. Whatever the specialists say, the hospitals are not lean fighting machines. A lot of the staff are in poor shape.

On the track
An easy 30p minutes on the stepper.

In the meantime stay tuned and don't get sick on the weekend.

John Miller

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