Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE - Friday 26th March 2010

Primary health care in this country is a dead duck.

It is an outdated notion to have doctors as the sole gate keepers of primary health care. The government has created a monopoly that has become increasingly irrelevant in the treatment of the personally-generated, lifestyle-related body system dysfunctions.

It’s time the Government started protecting fitness practitioners, naturopaths counsellors, psychologists and anyone involved in personal development.

These people should be on the front line of primary care as well as doctors. They don't need a doctor to open the gate for them. If it's not a medical problem, people should be going elsewhere. It's cheaper and more effective treatment.

Put more money in to schools for PhysEd, sport and outdoor education.

On the track
Out with the boys for the early morning walk and run.

I just can't wait for daylight saving to end. It was as black as the inside of a black cow when we started this morning.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and open the primary health care gates.

John Miller

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