Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RUDD PULLS CUNNING STUNT- Saturday17th April 2010

I read in the paper today that the Prime Minister has been racing around every marginal electorate in the country giving hand-outs to hospitals as a way of getting publicity in the local rag, radio and TV.

What we've seen every evening is a 30 second grab on his big new health policy in which he wants to bribe the State Governments into letting the Commonwealth Government take over more of the funding for medical care.

At the same time as he's been doing that he's been bribing the local electorates with a bit of equipment for the local hospital. It's an unbeatable strategy and a marvellous vote winner. You have to tgake your hat off to the man. Some of these towns haven't seen a Prime Minister for donkey's years. It was big event. He's as smooth as a desert boot.

The man is as cunning as the proberbial SHR.

Everyone thought John Howard was cunning. Rudd is matching him stoke for stroke.

The other point is that he seems indefatiguable. They say he doesn't sleep much. He can get up early, be a couple of thousand miles away by 9am and back in time for lunch. James, James Morrison's mother would never have been able to keep up with schedule.

I would think that if you don't sleep much and you're focused there would be a good chance that you could climb a lot of tall mountains and maybe even leap over the odd tall building.

On the track
On the stepper, for 30 minutes. 557 steps and 426 calories.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and keep a very close eye on people who climb high mountains and leap over tall buildings.

John Miller

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