Thursday, April 29, 2010

DOCTOR'S ADVICE Monday 26TH April 2010

There are 4 types of customers going to doctors’ surgeries.

1. The fit and healthy, those who take the doctor’s advice, do the things they need to do to stimulate their own body’s recuperative power and get better. The doctor rarely sees them.

2. The sick, those who regardless of what they do for themselves and what their doctor does for them don’t get better. There’s probably not of lot of these people, but things strike out of the blue, the cards fall the wrong way …

3. The lazy, those who don’t take their doctor’s advice to move heaven and earth to get themselves back in better shape. If you wander around shopping centres you’ll see them in the droves. People just not in great shape, and yet they still keep going to their doctor. It amuses me that doctors continue to keep them on the books.

This is the group on whom good doctors could have the most influence, particularly by withdrawing their services. The logic goes like this, ‘If you choose to ignore my advice to do the things that will restore poor health to good health, you can take your business elsewhere.

4. The gullible, those who get the wrong advice from their doctor – just take the pill to mask the symptoms and plough on. Their condition gradually gets worse.

Surgeries are full to overflowing of the 3rd and 4th groups of people.

Weeding out poor doctoring appears to be a tough assignment. On a grand scale a few get caught, as in the Dr Death and the Dr Vagina fiasco’s; but not many. There are few doctors or customers who are inclined to dob in bad doctors. It’s too much bother.

Last time I did it the Medical Board gave me the brush off. They stuck up for the doctor.

10 or so years of pre-service education and hours and hours of in-service education (paid for by the government and the drug companies) each year don’t seem to be contributing to the growth of fitter and healthier people. On the contrary. It’s the wrong model. Drug companies appear to have a grip on the medical profession that beggers belief.

That’s how it works in all other businesses. Why waste time tying to patch up people who won’t take responsibility for their own health?

The other co-conspirator in the poor health epidemic is the welfare system that keeps paying for people to attend surgeries and pharmacies.

And a welfare system it is, just another version of sit down money. If we’ve got work for the dole welfare we should have exercise for health welfare. No exercise, no welfare to supply you with cheap medication and visits to the surgery.

Don’t for a moment believe that Medicare has much to do with health, most of the payments are welfare payments, many to people who can afford to pay for the maintenance of their own body. And keep in mind, most of this maintenance doesn’t cost anything, just a bit of time.

It was a system designed to cover the medical expenses of those who couldn’t afford to pay for them themselves, those who’d been struck by an illness than came from out of the blue. It was not a system designed to provide everyone with cheap medical care for tens of years.

On the track
Out early with the boy, walked, shuffled and jogged.

In the meantime stay tuned and do whet ever it takes to keep yourself out of the surgery.

John Miller

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