Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MEDICAL RESEARCH - Thursday 1st of April 2010

The NH&MRC is pouring all this money into metabolic health research. The health of the community is getting worse. If every medical researcher took just a couple of fitness classes a week they'd have a greater impact on community health than all the research you can poke a stick at.

Same with doctors. If every doctor supervised a fitness class before work three times a week, they'd make a huge difference to community health. I knew a doctor up on Thursday Island who did that. One woman lost 10Kg in a couple of months. I take my hat off to him - and to her.

The Government is pouring all this money into research institutions and people are getting unfitter and unhealthier by the day. Hello! The universities have turned applications for research grants into an art form.

It's a merry dance, particularly if you've got mates on the NH&MRC review panels.

The NH&MRC sent me a print out of all the people who get medical research money and for what projects. If you saw it you'd roll your eyes through to the back of your neck. It's just a big rort for the universities who've set up research institute by the dozen to attract funds. No doubt they cream a bit off the top for the Vice Chancellor's fund.

This is just one big gravy train to keep bread on the table of people working in sheltered workshops for the academically gifted. Most of this research is just busy work designed to fil;l up the pages of medical research jouirnals, suck up to drug companies and get tgrips overseas to deliver papers. This is a grand back patting, brown nosing, head patting industry.

People who have either got short memories, are two young to remember or read the wrong journals are redoing research that has already been done to death. Wheels are being re-invented. It's open slather. They've even got a research institute in Sydney researching fitness and diabetes and stuff for crissakes. It's been done. You can lower the glasses. The results are in. Go for a run, lift weights, take a holiday!

I've written to the head of the NH&MRC about all this roprting and feather bedding but he doesn't answer his correspondence.

If everyone kept themselves as fit and healthy as you do, we could cut the research budget by 80% and have these boffins out there doing something worthwhile. It's bunkum.

I don't know of any research into the personally-generated, lifestyle related body system dysfunctions that has had a greater impact than a broadcast email telling people to get off their bums and go for a run, or putting on the smugglers and going for a swim.

When less than 15% of people have a decent fitness training program, research into the metabolic and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions is wasted effort.

On the track
No track today. Instead a full day out at the AIS telling people about the Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy People. I enjoy these days.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and get a research job in a sandstone university.

John Miller

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