Thursday, April 29, 2010

AMA PUTS OUT THE BOWL - Tuesday 27th April 2020

I couldn't believe it. There's the President of the AMA on the news tonight informing us that the AMA has put in a claim on the forthcoming Commonwealth Government budget for $830m to renovate doctors' surgeries.

First, where do they pluck these figures from? This mob always talks in millions, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands.

Second, this is an industry where a doctor on his own can pull in $300 - $400 Grand a year - and they want charity to paint their offices and get a few more comfortable chairs for their customers to sit in while they read 1991 Wheels, New Idea and Readers Digest magazines.

In most surgeries these days there's a number of doctors. These are million dollar businesses who want mug taxpayers to fund renovations. These are the same people who won't pay for their own professional development.

They're dreaming.

On the other hand my office needs painting, the carpet is starting to wear out and I could do with an air-conditioner in summer. I said to Christine that I think I'll write to the Minister for Health asking for a subsidy to tidy it all up.

On the track
No track today. Spent the day out at the AIS with a corporate group and arrived home, tired and happy.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you're in the health game and want to dress up your office, send in a quote for renovations to the Minister for Health. She appears to be in a very generous mood at the moment.

John Miller

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