Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Government needs to establish a medical equivalent of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECCS) - a Medical Contribution Scheme (MCS) for people who can't afford to go to hospitals and who don't have health insurance.

It needs a good safety net. We need to save people from bankruptcy just because the dice was loaded against them. On the other hand if they put in the bullets and cock the gun themselves that's a different matter. I'm unsure how to deal with that.

With the Hospital contribution scheme people can pay it off over time, or have deductions taken out of their pay packet (just like HECCS) or at the end of their life it can come out of their estate. If there is no estate, if there isn't sufficient income to pay it, then so be it. That's essential welfare that we don't deny people in our society.

There are people quite willing to pay $5,000 to register their car, service it and allow for depreciation, who aren't prepared to look after themselves - and don't want to pay anything for medical care. That's a nonsense. The Government needs to put an end to that.

Whoever invented the policy that says people going to public hospitals don't need to pay a cent wants their head read. Tell me what other government service comes without a fee? If governments want to keep the public hospitals (and they'd be stupid if they did) then they'd make sure people were sent an account. Their inability to pay that account is a welfare matter, not a health matter. It falls into the same basket as those people who can't afford to pay their electricity account.

On the track
Went for a 30 minute run along the beach and around Tomakin with The Decameron. Pulled up a little stiff but put the ice on my Achilles for the rest of the day.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and take more holidays.

John Miller

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