Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You can't skype your doctor or consult them by phone or email, the main reason being doctors haven't worked out a way to bill their customers for these types of consultations. Two thirds of them don't use their email account. Some don't even have one. How bad's that?

Instead everyone has to traipse through the surgery. It's time-consuming for the doctor and the customer. It's an expensive way to do business. The doctors and the community expect the government to pay most of the cost. Who was the dunce who thought that one up?

Doctors don't hold meetings to advise a whole lot of the clients at the one time. Instead of seeing people one at a time they should hold meetings for groups of people with chronic dysfunctions, like crook backs, high blood pressure, diabetes ...

Around May, along with a couple of nurses they should invite every one along to a meeting to tell them what to do when they have a cold or the flu, and take the opportunity to give everyone a jab at the same time. Information doesn't have to be dispensed one person at a time.

I don't know of any doctors who have website to give out advice. I bet there's not a lot of doctors blogging and tweeting their opinions to their customers.

It's just a hopelessly outdated industry. It's what happens when an industry gets given monopoly states and a high level of protection.

I wrote to Tony Abbott and said 'Tony, if I'm not wrong, under your stewardship, doctors were given more money to develop special plans for people who were depressed. That role should have been passed over to counsellors and psychologists. The doctors just want to drug them and get them out of the surgery. Next!

On the track

I don't think there was a track today. I'm getting slack.

In the meantime stay tuned and if you're feeling shidouse skype your doctor.

John Miller



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