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UNHEALTHY CHILDREN - Health Blogarithm Tuesday 12th of January 2010

You'd reckon about the most important thing kids should graduate from school in exceptionally rude health.

Sadly for many of them that's not the case. They're graduating in poor shape, which means there's a good chance they will never know what good shape is.

The epidemic of metabolic dysfunction, is starting in childhood. The number who end up obese by the time they reach 20 is legion. Obesity is the most visible sign of metabolic dysfunction.

Show me a kid who is over weight and I'll show you a kid who is under-exercised.

As I've said before, it's a big ask expecting to be healthy without being fit. It's weird that the Minister of health just doesn't get it.

So what are the first of the key core areas in the new Australian curriculum? You guessed it, maths, science, English and history - kids sitting on there bums all day, caged in their classrooms doing sums, writing essays, getting unfitter and stressing out.

I look at my two young grand sons and think, 'you poor little fellas'. In a couple of years they'll be starting school and will be cooped up here for the next 12 years.

So how do you convince a government that the number one priority in a child's education is their health, fitness and wellbeing.

You can't. They're impervious to advice that doesn't come from professors of match, scoence, English and History.

So what's happening is we're developing a curriculum that takes us back to the 1920's, one that turns out schools into miniature iniversities.

I reckon the first two subjects in any school curriculum should be

1. health, fitness and wellbeing

2. success.

Imaging spending time teaching history when you could be teaching children how to create for themselves a powerful optimistic and successful future. All history does is repeat itself!

In this country the governments of Australia spend $100B on medical services and $100B on welfare, principally because kids haven't been taught how to look after themselves.

So sadly another generation of kids is destined to spend 12 years of their lives working out sums that have been done millions of times before, just to prove they're intelligent.

It's bunkum.

On the track
A surprising work out on the stepper. 30 minutes all over level 8 and all over 140bpm.

Weighed 15.6 Kg, so that's encouraging.

After work went to the gym and had the shortest workout on record. But at least we went.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, a short workout's better than no workout.

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