Friday, January 22, 2010

DOCTORS NURSE GRUDGE - Health Blogarithm, Monday 18th January 2010

A group of nurses have set up shop in a pharmacy. This is exceptionally good news on several accounts

The doctor organisations around Canberra are bleating that there is a shortage of doctors. Main reason is that they spend half their time doing things that other professionals could do as well, if not better.; like, measuring blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose; taking blood and sending it away for analysis; treating wounds; giving their customers a talking to about their lifestyle; taking pap smears, giving injections; weighing babies and giving pre and post natal advice.

The other reason is that a high proportion of them practice junk medicine. They give their customers a pill to mask the symptom and not the prescription that leads to a restoration of poor function to good. Their customers keep coming back. It's good for business, but they complain how overworked they are.

So when the nurses set up shop guess who has a go at them? You guessed it, the doctors' union. All they're interested in is protecting their incomes, even if a large proportion of it is earned doing jobs that nurses (and drovers' dogs could do.)

Keep in mind, there's a lot of nurses these days who have a degree. We're not talking about wiping bums in hospitals any more. These are professionals in their own right.

So, the best thing the government could do is start handing our provider numbers and Medicare job numbers that ensures that people can get treatment from nurses, with all the same financial arrangements as they currently get from doctors.

Instead of setting up these big doctor clinics they Government should be setting up big nursing clinics.

The more the medical profession has been protected (and medical industry protection is now running at $60B or more a year), the worse the health of Australians has become and the more bloated and inefficient the medical industry.

So all power to the nurses.

The other group that needs a swag of Medicare number is the fitness profession. There's a lot of things they can do better than doctors. Think metabolic and musculo-skeletal dysfunction? Think fitness centre.

On the track
After a vigorous weekend all I did to day was went to a walk with the boys.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, few people got fitter or healthier in a surgery or a pharmacy.

John Miller

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