Saturday, January 16, 2010

McKILLOP THERAPY - Health Bolgarithm, Saturday 16th January 2010

As I suggested I might do the other day, I did write to the Minister for (ill)Health about McKillop therapy.

Dear Minister,

I've just read of the remarkable recovery a woman experienced from terminal cancer after praying to a picture of the long deceased Mary McKillop.

It sounds extraordinary and I write to ask

a. whether this treatment passes the test of evidence-based medicine set by the Department of Health for medical treatments?

b. whether they is any evidence that prayer is any more affective in the treatment of terminal cancer that any other recognised medical treatment?

c. whether the Department will be sending messages to doctors getting them to add this treatment to their prescription repertoire?

d. whether this treatment will eligible for inclusion in the Medicare rebate system?


I'll keep Health Blogarithim readers posted.

On the track
Had to get up early and get in a workout on the stepper because I spent the morning doing fitness tests for an organisation. It's a servic-type organisation where poeople need some sort of fitness to do the job properly; though from what I've observed, the tones that are riding round in cars and dining at McDonalds don't look in great shape. Half of them would probably run the risk of a heart attack if they had to get out of the car and chase after someone.

It's a stange state of affairs when you have to be as fit as a trout to get into this organisation and then once you're in it doesn't matter if you never do another pressup or balloon out to 120 Kg.

It's also strange that some of the people who came to the fitness part of the recruitment session, had no fitness whatsoever.

My advice to this organisation will be to tell their potential recruits that if they can't do 40 good situps, 40 good pressups and run 45 x 20m laps in 5 minutes don't bother coming.

Anyway, I got in 40 minutes on the stepper all over 140 bpm. 775 steps and 592 calories. In fact, even after having a shower I still had a slight sweat upwhen I go to the testing venue.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and wait for the reply from the Minister for (ill) Health.

John Miller

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