Sunday, January 10, 2010

GLOBAL WARMING - Health Blogarithm Friday 8th January 2009

It;'s a quiet day here in downtown Canberra. But it's hotting up. It will be over the Century on Sunday. Must be global warming, matching the global cooling that's going on in the Northern hemisphere.

I was in Whyalla on January 2nd 1960 when the mercury touched 49.4. On our back veranda is was 121 in the old language.

My brother Geoff and I road our bikes five miles on the way home from the Basin swimming hole in the middle of the day. We dived in with our clothes on, pedalled to the end of the breakwater, dived in again, kept pedalling to the One Mile where we drenched ourselves under the tap and then headed for home.

When we got home no one thought any more about it.

When it soars over 50 in Whyalla let me know and I'll cut back on my shower.

On the track
Went for a 40 minute walk with the boys. It must look a bit like Gunfight at the OK Coral as four of us walk down Salvado Place on the way to pick up Frank.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and give me a call when it gets to 150 in Whyalla.

John Miller

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