Friday, January 1, 2010

GETTING FATTER - Health Blogarithm January 2nd 2009

Well here we go again.

Been back from holidays one day and weight has gone from 85.6 kg to 66.6 kg.

I reckon I did pretty well o9n holidays to moderate food intake. When we go away we tend to restrict ourselves to a decent) breakfast and an evening meal. Without a lot of bread, chocolate and ice cream we've found we can keep ourselves in reasonable shape.

Maybe it was the couple of milk shakes I had on the way home from Wollongong. I had one and then polished off half of Christine's as well. Stupid. Gluttony.

Maybe it was the hamburger and chips we had on New Year's eve in front of the tele.

Maybe it was the chocolate and a few drinks we had on New Year's eve.

Maybe it was drinking left over Coke during the day. This is stuff that doesn't need to be in our house.

Maybe it was the left over biscuits and cheese we had mid way through the afternoon.

Maybe it was going out for tea last night to celebrate Alison's birthday.

But sheesh John, if you're going to get into those trousers you can't afford lapses like this. You need help!

It's not good living in hope that you're going to weigh less tomorrow if you gutz yourself out today. You're crazy! You're a disgrace! You should be ashamed of yourself!

You ought to keep a food diary. I've read that this really keeps people on the straight and narrow.

On the track
An hour on the stepper all over 140 bpm, so that's 300 aerabytes. Then a session at the gym. You can purchase my strength training program at

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, if you're going to weight less tomorrow than you are today, curb the inner hunger - and train longer.

John Miller

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