Thursday, January 14, 2010

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: DEFICIT - Health Blogarithm Thursday January 14th 2010

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome is definitely not caused by a lack of Ritalin.

Whenever you see the word 'syndrome' you know this is medical speak for 'we don't know what's causing this unusual, non-conforming behaviour.'

Well I can tell you; it's the reaction to a hypo active lifestyle.

Most adults when they become hypo active become depressed. Kids become inattentive and want to race around.

The medical solution, slow them down more.

It's bunkum.

Following on from yesterday's post, here we have all these kids cooped up in cages all day and we wonder why some of them get a bit toey. These are the kids who have the natural urge to be racing around all the time. We give them a drug to slow them down - irregardless of what the long term effect of that drug is.

Let these kids run free.

Yesterday I said the first two subjects in the curriculum should be

- health, fitness and wellbeing

- success.

The next lot should be singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Then add a subject call 'making things', and another subject 'how things work' and we're starting to cook with gas. For good measure add gardening and work generally. Kids need to learn how to work and work hard. It's good for them.

Then bring in aritimetic, mental and reading and writing.

Leave maths out altogether. Who uses this stuff.? I'll tell you, nobody, except a few engineers and boffins. Introduction of the metric system for money, distances, areas and volumes, coupled with the calculator and the spreadsheet should just about have got rid of maths from school.

Maths ands science are for universities. Protect children from this crap.

Arithmetic, by all means. However because there are no professors of arithmetic in universities this is not a popular line.

On the track
I went jogging this morning for the first time in ages along the Namatjira track - the one we walk in the mornings. I couldn't say it was a run, just a jog and it felt good.

Achilles felt really good. 25 minutes.

In the evening had a very good strength training workout in the gym.

If you wan to see what Christine and I do at the gym go to

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, just because you don't want to sit down, shut up and get on with your work doesn't mean you need a slab of Ritalin.

John Miller

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