Sunday, January 24, 2010

PLAY UP, PLAY UP AND PLAY THE GAME - Friday 22nd January 2010

I've been having second thoughts about the subjects that should have the highest ranking in the school curriculum.

I reckon 'play' should be the number one. And after that 'fun'. A lot of people don't have much fun these days. That's why they're all depressed. If you were having a lot of fun how could you become depressed?

From early childhood children learn by playing. Bit by bit we've reduced the amount of play - cooping them up in class rooms, not letting them out of the yard.

As kids we used to roam far and free.

Life's becoming too serious. Schools are being turned into little universities. Any kid wanting to have a bit of fun gets treated as a nuisance. As for telling jokes, I often ask people to tell me a joke. They say they don't know one. How dull is that. Did you hear the one about ...

On the track
A good 20 minute 140 bpm workout on the stepper then a walk/run with the boys. Ran for 20 minutes, Achilles holding up.

Iced it when I got home and kept icing it during the day.

Have resolved to stretch on the slope board six times a day. Have installed one outside near the stepper and one in my office.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and keep stretching.

John Miller

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