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MY GOALS FOR 2010 January 1st 2010

Health Bogarithm, January 1st 2010

I've been saying for a couple of months now that I'd like to retire on my 65th birthday in June.

By retire, I mean I can sit back and get on with doing things I want to do and which give me pleasure. It will involve a continuing interest in the projects listed below, but importantly my goal will be to have sufficient income each week to allow Christine to retire as well.

It is unlikely that Christine and I will be able to keep bread on the table through dividends from our investments. There has to be a continuing income from the projects, probably from now until kingdom come.

Anyway, I can't see myself suddenly losing interest on what has been an abiding passion since I was in high school.

Christine and I want to travel, so I need to establish business that can be managed over the internet from anywhere in the world.

So, if its' going to happen I'm going to have to stay focused, very focused.

1. CrookBack Network
The aim is to establish CrookBack Clinics run by fitness practitioners and other rehab specialists across Australia.

One of the things that needs to be finished by the end of the first working week in January is the Fix Back Pain book, which doubles as the manual for the program.

Then it is a matter of systematically adding prospective fitness practitioners to the data base keeping in touch with them, running seminars and registering them as members of the CrookBack Network.

I will attempt to seek out a partner in the USA to build a CrookBack Network there.

2. Internet marketing
My internet marketing partner, the Gavinator and I have made a healthy, though modest start on selling the health ebooks that I've written.

We've established ourselves in the back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and ankle pain market with the website and a range of pages based around key words.

The challenge is now to build a suite of sites based on key word attraction, build lists, blog on, write ezine articles and gain greater prominence on the search engines.

To be added to the musculo-skeletal pain focus will be small squeeze-page sites in the health, fitness and wellbeing areas - all linked, with the aim of selling useful information at an affordable price.

Producing and advertising the next wave of ebooks will be the stimulus to get this project moving. Most of the books have been written. It's now a matter of reformatting them, getting domain names and creating the squeeze pages.

3. Corporate health programs
Corporate health programs are still my bread and butter. The Crookback Clinic seems to be the program to concentrate on because with over 50% of people having some sort of musculo-skeletal dysfunction, and because musculo-skeletal dysfunction is the major cost to workers compensation arrangements.

It is also an area in which I have expertise that other corporate health providers don't seem to have.

I love running the one day Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy people program. It's the most useful program I run and is inspiring and motivating for participants.

I'm hoping that the exposure at the NWI conference in Wisconsin in July will open up presentation opportunities in the USA.

4. FLP
This is a secret licensing program that I think is a goer.

The spade work has been done. Contacts are being made.

5. My health, fitness and wellbeing
The aim is to exercise every day, get back to 18% body fat and fit into the trousers I bought in Oxford St in 2003. Is 50 laps on the 20m run achievable? I think so.

In the short term the goal is to completely rid myself of Achilles tendonitis, something which seems to be happening.

Is it possible for me to overcome my gluttony problem? I think so.

With respect to Christine's health, fitness and wellbeing my aim is to help her get her back back into exceptionally good nick.

6. Holidays
We're going back to North America in July. I'm presenting a number of sessions at the National Wellness Institute's conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Then we'd like to take a cruise around the Mediterranean for a couple of weeks.

7. Finances
There are two goals - to be goal is to be debt free by June, and earning sufficient income each week from the projects - simple as that.

8. House
There are things that need to be done, like

- the carport and the front garden
- the two bathrooms
- the kitchen

9. Hobbies
I enjoy writing and there are a couple of books, mainly nonsense in the pipeline. In the first half of the year I'm going to spend less time fart-arsing around commenting on political issues.

10. Our families
My aim is to get to see Lisa and her family half a dozen times during the year and get to see Jo and Chris in America at least once - and to support Christine's children, Cameron and Alison in any way I can.

11. Our friends
Christine and I seem to be pretty much self-contained. But that's no excuse for not spending more time with our friends - going out with them, having them around. We love a game of 500.

On the track
40 minutes on the stepper with heart rate over 130 bpm. That's 160 aerabytes. Then we went for a swim. Weight 85.6kg.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and focused on doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals.

John Miller

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