Monday, December 14, 2009


I quite like swimming and was reasonably good at it as a kid - though it took me 50 years to realize that I was at the top of those who were hopeless and the bottom of those that were any good.

But years later getting back into it always felt like too much hard work. It's was always a bit cold for the first few seconds and by the end of a lap, 25m or 50m, I'd be stuffed and it felt like my arms were about to fall off.

Someone said, kick harder. I kicked harder and the arms still felt like they were going to fall off.

Christine and I were up at Coffs Harbour last Christmas sitting by the pool each day reading books when a couple of women wearing flippers would get in the pool and start reeling off laps.

We looked for a while and then thought, 'flippers'. Could this be the secret?

Anyway, to cut a long story short we each bought a pair of the smalled Zoggs flippers a couple of weeks ago, and yes, it makes it easier. I now know what Ian Thorpe felt like. My size 8's were never going to give me much propulsion. Thorpes shoe size, 17! There are not many people who could break world records when their age was less than their shoe size.

For years I'd thought that wearing flippers was cheating. Not any more. The last couple of swims have been much more enjoyable. Can still put in the effort over 20 minutes without the feeling of abject failure at the end of every lap.

So, I'd recommend a pair of Zoggs - the smaller flippers. Oh, and you've got to get goggles.

A good day at the office
40 minutes of the stepper, that's 200 aerabytes, then a walk with Frank and Peter for another 30 minutes. I'm yet to see the real value of walking. My heart rate won't get over 100 BPM. Still I'll give myself a point for each minute and continuing to walk as part of a program to rehabilitate a painful right Achilles tendon.

(The bleeding Heart Foundation reckons you can get fit if you amble around the block for ten minutes, three times a day. That's bunkum. I never knew anyone who got fit on that sort of a training regime. I don't know why they feed people this nonsense. Do these people know nothing about exercise, what good shape is, or what it takes to get into good shape?)

In the evening we went swimming for 20 minutes. I'll give myself 3 points for every minute. So all up the the day that's 290 aerabytes.

If you want to know more about the aerabyte aerobic fitness training system go to

Weight, still hovering around 86.8.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and get yourself a pair of Zoggs.

John Miller

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