Saturday, December 26, 2009


Health blogarithm for 26th December 2009

Christine's daughter Alison was going to give me a hair cut yesterday, but it just didn't work out that way. Anyway, to cut a long story short she arrived on the doorstep at 7.30am this morning ready to get on with the job.

I got a terrific haircut and a head massage to boot.

Anyway that sort of put an end to the session I'd planned for the stepper, because today, yippee we're off for a five night holiday to the Novotel in Wollongong.

I completed the cleaning of my office - something I was meant to do on Christmas eve, Rang my daughter Jo in America and wishes her and her husband Chris a very merry Christmas. As luck would have it they're in Bethlehem - Pennsylvania with his brother and his family.

Then it was in the car and off to Wollongong.

After a bit of fart-arsing around I decided to go down to the gym. It's 7pm and it's meant to be open until 10pm, but there is a notice on the door saying 'Gym closed'.

I go and complain at the front desk and find out that it's been closed because one of the machines is broken. I say, 'Well put up a sign on the machine and let me in.'

The woman behind the desk says they can't because children go in there and because the machine is broken it's dangerous. I say 'children shouldn't be in the gym without their parents. Let me in I'm an adult.'

They give me the glazed look. 'I'm sorry it's closed.'

I keep arguing. She refuses to let me in and then comes back with a counter offer and offers me free breakfasts for the rest for out stay.

I say 'I don't want free breakfasts, I just want to go to the gym.'

It's like arguing with a wall.

I end up with the free breakfasts.

So I walked along the beach for 10 minutes than then came back to the room and got ready for tea - which I might say was very nice but a rip off.

The Heart Foundation reckons you can get fit by going for a walk for 10 minutes a day.

So there you go. Conscience salved by the Heart Foundation.

10 aerabytes for the day. You beaudy.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and send off your donation to the bleeding Heart Foundation.

John Miller

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