Thursday, December 24, 2009


Health Blogarithm 25th December 2009

I'm belting away on the stepper and I'm thinking what is my goal. Then it came to me.

Christine and I were in England for my daughter Lisa's wedding in August 2003. I weighted about 77 Kg at that stage and bought a couple of pairs of casual khaki slacks in Oxford St.

They were a bit on the tighter side when I tried them on, but I thought that once I got home I'd trim off a couple of kilos and they'd fit like a glove.

Well dang me, I've never worn them. They're stuck away in the wardrobe smelling of camphor. Since then I've brought several pairs of slacks to cope with an expanding gut. They're the fat pants.

My goal; to step into the thin pants, particularly my jeans and then the Oxford bags. I'll have to be around 76 Kg to slip into them comfortably.

On the track
60 minutes at heart rate just over 130 bpm. 240 aerabytes, 966 steps and 738 calories. That's cool. Weighed the same as yesterday, 84.8 Kg. Blood pressure 120/66 - that's very cool. Body fat, 26%.

The fat bloke came and distributed his largess. Had a nice lunch and a doze, reading Robert Ingersol's book, 'Some Mistakes of Moses' given to me by daughter Jo and on the recommendation of Don Ardell, the wellness guru.

In the mean time stay tuned and be kind to yourself on Christmas day.

John Miller

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