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Health Blogarithm 20th December 2009

A couple of weeks ago Kate Moss got a right royal bollocking for saying 'Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.'

The anorexic foundations of the world went off their head.

I can see their point, anorexia is a terrible thing - but when more than half the people in the western world are more than 10 Kg over weight and a huge number of more than 20Kg over weight, it doesn't hurt to have the occasional reminder that it's time to trim down.

The backside of the western world
I heard the saying years ago and have always thought it quite apt. How does one stop oneself from getting fatter and fatter? Stopping eating is one of them.

The woman who started Weight Watchers said 'The problem with fat people is they don't eat enough, of the right food at the right time.'

We're hosting a street party tonight. I'm a notorious glutton so I'll report back on my behaviour tomorrow.

It all started, I think when my Dad went overseas on business for a couple of months when I was 12. Mum got a burst appendix and ended up in hospital for a month. Us four boys were farmed out. That's when I started eating 4 double cut rolls for lunch. I was always hungry. Later I stole money to buy hot chips to eat before tea, and feed a chocolate addiction. These addictions are still lurking in the back ground, like roaring lions ...

Maybe I need to get some professional help to help solve the problem of the inner hunger. It could be a worthwhile journey.

A physically active way of life has kept some of the demons in the box, but they've been creeping out and now, thanks to people like Kate Moss I'm working hard to get them back in the box.

On the track.
The week has finished off well. 60 minutes on the stepper this morning with heart rate over 130, so that's 240 aerabytes, for a total of 1380 for the week. The rule of thumb is 400 a week is good, 600 is better and 800 is best.

I'm trying to get the diabetes researchers to take an interest in prescribing aerabytes but they're not interested. Couldn't care less. More money in drug research!

In fact I reckon there ought to be an aerabyte rating for most of the metabolic dysfunctions. For instance, got diabetes in the early stages, you need 200 aerabytes a day to keep it under control. You can choose how you're going to get them.

Don't sleep well. Try 100 aerabytes a day.

Total time for the week 6 hours and 30 minutes which isn't all that bad when you consider there are 168 hours in every week. Still 161 and a half hours to fit in everything else.

Weight this morning: 85.0Kg so that's good too. Being on the stepper for an hour means that a lot of the weight loss is water, but heck ...

I've got a set of Tanita scales and I bestrode them this morning. At 85Kg I'm 27% fat. Phew, too high. It should be around 18.

The session this morning was hard. Two 60 Minute workouts one after the other and less food takes it out of me.

But I'll be back.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, nothing tastes as good a thin feels.

John Miller

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