Thursday, December 24, 2009


Health Blogarithm for 24th December 2009

Straight to the track
Phew, the metabolic defrag has definitely kicked in. Spent 60 minutes on the stepper, all over 140 BPM and registered 1052 steps. That's better. But I'm looking through my training diary and note that on the

21st of August 2004 I did 1273 steps, which is a bit over level 8 all the way.

The best I can see was 1386 on the 27th of April 2003. That would have been level 10 for an hour.

And I can see 40 minutes at level 10 all the way on 26th April 2003 for 964 steps.

25th May, 2003: 451 steps in 20 minutes - so that would have all been 10 or more resistance level.

2nd of October 2004, 90 minutes on the stepper to record 1470 steps and 1058 calories.

On the 11th of December 2006 I did 1244 steps which is level 8 for an hour.

Any way it all goes to show that once you turn 60 and you stop training so hard, things go pear-shaped. Which is what this blogarithm, is all about, changing the shape and getting fitter.

After the step did situps and pressups and sat for a while in the meditation chair and took my blood pressure. It's usually a bit 'uppish' but today was the lowest I've ever seen, 107/63. I think there must be something wrong with my machine or the defrag is going nuts.

Anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and hope that the fat bloke in the red tracksuit can fit down your chimney.

John Miller

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