Thursday, December 17, 2009


Been busier than all the one-armed Bosnian and Beirut bricklayers put together rolling out the CrookBack Clinic training program - a musculo-skeletal health program designed to funnel people with crook backs, stiff necks, 'cold' shoulders, bung hips, game legs and dicky knees into fitness centres.

When a very high proportion of musculo-skeletal dysfunction is generated by low levels of strength and flexibility, I figure that getting yourself stronger and more flexible should be the first course of action in restoring poor function to good.

And the best place to do that is in a fitness centre under the supervision of a fitness practitioner.

Only rarely is a crook back likely to be due to a lack of heat, massage or the spinal tap, though therapy does speed up the rehab process.

Fitness problems are best solved with fitness solutions.

On the track
Went for that 30 minute brisk walk with Frank and Peter. That's all. But you have to take it easy some days. How many aerabytes is that? A miserable 30. Weighed 86.6kg. Not good.

We live in hope for a better tomorrow.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, it doesn't take an extraordinary effort to achieve and extraordinary result.

John Miller

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