Wednesday, February 17, 2010

STRENGTH TRAINING DIARY Saturday 13th of February 2010

If you're going to maintain a reasonable level of strength and muscle bulk you've got to have a good weight training routine.

Christine and I go three times a week (when we can). We went this morning and then went out for brunch.

Our routine takes a bit over 40 minutes and you can read all about it in my ebook, Strength Training Diary available at

It's a tough assignment keeping your body in reasonable alignment without a good strength training program.

And if it's out of alignment, without strong muscles to support the misalignment you're on a hiding to nothing to come down with some sort of musculo-skeletal dysfunction.

For instance strong trunk muscles, front, back and core act as a corset to brace your spinal column. Without it you're in big strife.

In the meantime stay tuned highly tuned and keep pumping that iron.

John Miller

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