Monday, February 15, 2010

KEEPING FIT - Wednesday February 10th 2010

In all the hot air sprayed around about how hopeless the health system is, never does one hear a word about how fit and healthy people are.

It's like the carbon emission's debate. The government points the finger at the big polluters. The big polluters is us.

We had a chap come to our house to look at our energy use.

He told ups that by converting to solar hot water heating we could cut our energy usage by a third. Sheesh, if everyone did that we wouldn't need a carbon trading scheme.

Then he pointed out we can get an interest free loan from the government to connect up a solar energy collector that feeds energy back into the grid at highly favourable terms.

Never, in your wildest dreams will you hear about a government initiative that gives people the incentive to get themselves back into exceptionally good shape.

Too hard. It discriminates against the weak-willed and the lazy! It will take food out of the mouths of doctors and bureaucrats.

On the track
Ran this morning with the boys. Getting better. 27.43 for the McDonalds run.

I'm thinking I need new shoes.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and do something for the health system; keep yourself fit and healthy to the best of your ability.

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