Tuesday, February 9, 2010

THE HEALTH SYSTEM - Sunday 7th February 2010

Every time someone spouts off in the papers about the need to improve the health system you know they're talking about the medical system. And when they do that you're usually talking through the back of their neck. Likely as not they;ll be connecteed to the medical industry in some way. Rarely do they declare their self-interest.

Usually they'll be seeking greater protection for a bloated and inefficient medical industry that's proven itself to be useless when it comes to improving the health of the community.

Few people give a stuff about their own health. That's why 50% of people have a crook back and 80% of adults would be scratching to run 40 laps of the 20m course in 5 minutes.

A free medical system doesn't necessarily discourage people from keeping themselves in good shape. On the other hand, the way its run definitely hasn't encouraged people to keep themselves in exceptionally good shape.

Instead of 80% of people being in good shape, 80% of people are in bad shape. No free medical system can cope with millions of people traipsing through its doors in bad shape.

All a medical system can do is dose them up with junk pharmaceuticals, send them home and wait for them to come back in even worse condition.

A free medical system is doomed to bankrupt a country where people don't give a stuff about their health. You can't have a health insurance system - either privately funded or publicly underwritten that doesn't rate premiums against risk, which doesn't have obligations on both the insured (to keep themselves in good shape) or the insurer (to pay up when people become sick.)

Most claims on the medical system are not for people who are sick; they're for people who are dysfunctional, who've let small problems become big problems. There are few insurance schemes that can withstand the onslaught of self-inflicted dysfunctions.

People can't have it both ways. They can't keep themselves in dreadful shape and expect someone else to pay for the treatment. It's unsustainable.

On the track
Had a very good workout on the stepper, very good. 40 minutes at level 8 and 9, all over 140 bpm.

Did 851 steps (anything over 800 in 40 minutes is a good workout, and used up 651 Calories. Weighed 84.4 Kg.

Then went to the gym for a good strength workout.

Chest puffing out. Progress is being made.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and don't expect the medical system to pay for the junk medications to mask the symptoms of the dysfunctions you're not prepared to fix yourself.

John Miller

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