Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If we’re going to improve the health of people in our community we need to gracefully run down a bloated, highly protected and inefficient medical industry.

We need to see a thousand health, fitness and recreational flowers bloom.

We need to restructure the health insurance system to give favour to the fit and healthy and encouragement to the unfit and unhealthy to become fitter and healthier - at the same time erecting a safety net that supports the chronically ill, the disabled and the disadvantaged.

Do that and you’d cut Australian governments’ medical bills by 50%.

Meanwhile the governments of Australia continue to pour more and more money down the medical black hole. With ever billion they flush down the system there's a call for an other billion to follow it.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
The Rod Laver Government threatens to take over public hospitals if the States don't run them more efficiently. If they do that it will only pass this quagmire of inefficiency from state hands to Commonwealth hands. Nothing with change. The community will still be called on to spend more and more money.

My advice; sell the damn things. Let the medical industry run it's own cathedrals. Let a thousand hospitals bloom. Let the market place manage and regulate itself. Government boffins in grey cardigans have shown how ineptly they can run these institutions. It's not something government does well - or should be doing, any more than governments should be running banks, power utilities and airlines.

Let's get some healthy competition going between the companies who run the hospitals so prices start coming down.

Let's divorce the medical system from the welfare system once and for all.

On the track
There was no track.

I was ready to go to the gym after work and Christine came home, stuffed after a long day. Solidarity comes before exercise. We went to the shops.

Christine made up a cold meat and salad plate for tea (and cut up a bowl of fruit salad for the moening). I keep telling her she should go on My Kitchen Rules. I reckon she could win. Last week they had a couple of sisters on who took an hour and a half to prepare the main course and then over cooked the lamb. Christine could bury them.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and do your best to steer clear of the medical system. You'll do yourself, your overworked doctor and your country a service.

John Miller

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