Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DOCTOR SHORTAGE - Friday 12th February 2010

Every time you open the paper you read about a doctor shortage.

What shortage?

If everyone kept themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability you could halve the time a doctor needs to spend in the surgery.

The original meaning of the word doctor was 'teacher'. Well that's gone out the window to be replaced by 'prescriber'.

It's because they're not trained to teach that people keep coming back. They're not taught how to look after themselves.

It's a lurk.

So fit people; halve the number of visits to the doctor.

Then there are the professions that could do some of the work doctors try to do standing on their head.

Chemists could cut the doctor's work by 20%. The doctor should make the diagnosis and the chemist prescribe the right medicine and manage the repeats.

Nurses could slice another 20% off - giving jabs, bandaging, doing minor pathology test, weighing babies ...

Fitness practitioners could cut another 20% off particularly when it came to the treatment of the metabolic and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.

20% would disappear over night if people made a bee-line for the psychologist and the counsellor.

So what's stopping all this from happening? - industry protection. All industries aren't equal when it comes to doling out health advice.

The government could slash its health bill in half if it started protecting some of the other therapeutic modalities. Currently there is a monopoly on health services due to the protection held by the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Their services appear to cheaper than those of other industries.

On the track
Sheesh I was tired this morning after driving home from Newcastle, but still went out and ran the McDonalds course at a reasonable clip.

In the meantime stray tuned, highly tuned and don't go to doctors for things doctors can't fix as well as someone else.

John Miller

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