Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DOCTOR SHORTAGE - Monday 15th February 2010

Following on from the doctor shortage rant the other day it occurred to me that a lot of doctors provide their customers with good advice which they don't listen to. There is no action directed toward fixing up the problem.

Their condition gets worse. They keep coming back - for a drug to mask the symptom.

Sooner or later you'd think the doctor would say, 'Hit the road Jack, you're wasting my time, I'm wasting my breath and I'm not going to keep prescribing junk medicine to you.'

I mentioned this to a doctor friend of mine and she said it couldn't be done. The person might die, or worse, sue the doctor. The doctor has a duty of care.

Do they?

Strange isn't it that someone with a death wish wants to clog up the medical system and then complain their doctor won't see them.

If a person can choose who their doctor is then maybe a doctor can choose who their customers are. Silly to waste time effort and government money on someone who isn't remotely interested in spending some time and effort getting themselves back into exceptionally good shape. It's form of bludging on a system that's not designed to cope with bludgers.

Maybe we should just let Woolworths sell prescription medicines off the shelves to these people and stop the charade of having to go to the doctor and then the chemist.

On the track
Ran with the boys this morning; the McDonald's run in a new PB of 26.30. Starting to run now, not just jog.

Went to the gym in the evening with Christine for as good workout.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and if you've got a good doctor do whatever they tell you to do to get yourself back into to exceptionally good shape.

John Miller

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