Thursday, June 3, 2010

WASTED EFFORT - Friday May 28th 2010

I had a call from my mate, Graham Dodd today.

We went to University together and did PhysEd - before it had been taken over by Human Movement Science, biomechanics, perceptual motor mechanics and the rest of it. Science has destroyed academic physical education. The simple has become complicated. Graham and could no longer get into university to do a PhysEd course because we're too dumb.

The ability to be a good teacher has little to do with academic achievement in maths and science.

How smart do you have to be to teach children how to kick and throw and catch and how to keep themselves fit for life? Not very.

Looking back we agree our profession had done a dreadful job.

Just about everyone under 60 in this country has had some sort of a PhysEd program when they were at school. They didn't learn much. Look at them, fat, weak and depressed.

There are kids leaving school as I write in just plain dreadful shape. What sort of reflection is that on our profession.

The new national curriculum is going to set out guidelines for PhysEd up to the end of year 10. After that, God knows.

What I do know is that for many kids years 11 and 12 are so stressful it nearly crucifies them. They stop all physical activity just to get through their exams.

Graham and I busted our boilers writing books, running the PhysEd professional association and publishing the Daily Physical Education (DPE) program.

Where is the DPE now - gathering dust on staff room bookshelves.

We should have spent more time with our families.

On the track
Out with the boys for a walk run.

In the meantime stay tuned and don't take yourself seriously.

John Miller

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