Thursday, June 3, 2010

A NEW HEALTH SYSTEM - Monday 24th May 2010

I'm a member of Linkedin, an internet directory.

Crace Couter, also a member asked this question:

‘I need to catch up on timely healthcare reform information and speak intelligently about it quickly. What reliable and updated resources can someone recommend to me that I can quickly digest (i.e. Cliff Notes)?’

My reply
The chances of finding timely health care information is remote. Most people equate the word 'health' with the word 'medical'. You'll find stacks of stuff about the medical industry. The medical bureaucracy, the medical research industry and the medical commentariat are burgeoning with hangers on all making a living out of bolstering a bloated, inefficient, greedy and expensive medical system. The interest of this industry in promoting good health is practically zilch. Over the last 30 years the medical industry has presided over the greatest decline in health since Adam.

The greatest of the health challenges are health-related, not medical-related.

The big challenges are:

1. How to get people to take responsibility for their own health, fitness and wellbeing.

2. How to get people to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.

3. How to gracefully run down a medical industry that is based on a 20th Century germ theory not the theory of personally-generated body-system dysfunction.

4. How to stop people from going to doctors for things doctors can't fix.

5. How to reduce the protection of a bloated, inefficient and expensive medical system.

6. Recognition of the fact that it's a big ask expecting to stay healthy without being fit.

7. Recognition that you can't solve a 21st Century fitness problem with a 20th Century medical solution.

8. Recognition that most of the health problems of the western world are personally-generated body system dysfunctions.

9. Most health problems are related to a lack of physical activity and junk diet.

10. Recognition that the three great dysfunctions, metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological are not medical conditions - until they reach a tipping point of grave and irreparable dysfunction.

On the track
Out with the boys for an early morning walk/run.

In the meantime stay tuned highly tuned and do whatever it takes to steer clear of the medical industry.

John Miller

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