Sunday, June 20, 2010

HEALTH REFORM 1 - Thursday 10th June 2010

35 years ago I attended a lecture by futurologist Fred Emery where he said that one of the challenges for the recreation industry was how to run down gracefully sports that had had their heyday.

Now I don't know which sports he was referring to, but two sports that seem to be on the decline are the two rugby codes. I don't think many people find them appealing enough to actually play the game. Soccer seems to be on the increase in terms of participation by young people but it's a shit of a sport; you can't score, watching it is like watching pain dry and the A league competition is such a second-rate competition it has to be played in summer.

There are some sports that a very small that keep getting propped up by the Australian Olympic Committee. A lot of them could hold their annual championship in a phone box.

In the health arena health reform challenge #1 is how to gracefully run down an inefficient and increasingly ineffective medical industry.

The type of medical practice the governments of Australia are throwing $100B at each year is just not the health practice that people need in a sedentary culture, where most of the heroic diseases have been banished and most of the body system dysfunctions are personally generated.

Continuing to pay doctors to fix fitness problems with medical and pharmaceutical solutions is a complete and utter waste of money. Protecting the medical industry only encourages them to practice more and more junk medicine, particularly at the local level - and to put their prices up.
The solution is breaking down the notion of primary care and including more professional groups in the definition.

On the track
No track. Living on yesterday's glory.

In the meantime stay tuned highly tuned and keep your fingers crossed that as the protection of the medical industry gradually declines the protection of the fitness industry increases.

John Miller

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