Saturday, June 19, 2010


You wouldn't believe this.

I just got word back from Fitness Australia that they won't accept the CookBack Clinic as a program for which fitness practitioners can claim continuing education credits (CEC).

A year ago I sent them off a submission and course outline for a half day program for fitness practitioners, teaching them the CrookBack Clinic methodology.

When 50% of people have some sort of musculo-skeletal dysfunction and when 80% of it relates to low levels of strength and flexibility, my thought was that this would be a good opportunity for the fitness industry to attract people to their centres and start to make an impact.

Plus it would, of course keep people out of surgeries and physio and chiropractic rooms and enable doctors, physios and chiros to get in a round of golf on Wednesday afternoons.

Well, it took four of five months for them to get back to me. I had to ring and ring to get any response from their secretarial staff. Getting none I had to pull rank.

Finally I got the review. Their reviewer had the hide to tell me that fitness practitioners didn't have the authority or qualifications to diagnose anything. That was a doctor's job. I've said before that doctors don't have a clue how to diagnose the cause of musculo-skeletal dysfunction, let alone metabolic and psychological dysfunction. That's why they practice junk medicine.

Their reviewer also queried my qualifications and that fact that they were awarded 40 years ago, and the fact that the CrookBack Clinic course for fitness practitioners was a bit short.

I guessed then that it had been reviewed by a physiotherapist. His or her response (for some reason I suspect it was a her) was that how can you teach someone where to look for the cause of a crook back in a half day (or a day) when people were attending physiotherapy courses for 4 years.

I wrote back in my second submission that maybe physiotherapy courses should be 4 years and one day!

Anyway I seriously revamped my course outline; wrote a new book. It took me a month solid. I had dozens of new diagrams done. I searched the literature about the cause of musculo-skeletal dysfunction and wrote that up as well. (The main cause as identified by the NH&MRC and the Arthritis Foundation is that it comes out of the blue, for chrissakes. They say that back pain is caused by a herniated disc, which is tantamount to saying that a crook back is caused by a crook back. This has to be the vapid of vapids.)

I took out the bits about diagnosing and toned it down to 'looking for clues'. I explained that my qualifications were current (a 2-year diploma from a university is still a diploma from a University) and that I'm a registered fitness practitioner. I also explained that I hadn't been sitting on my arse looking out the window for the last 40 years either.

I expanded the course to a full day.

Anyway, three months after I resubmitted the application I ring up the bloke from Fitness Australia to give him a hurry-up (again) and he tells me it has been knocked back for a second time, and, you guessed it - by a physiotherapist. These are the people mind you who still rub, crunch, vibrate and shock the spot where it hurts.

I said to him, 'Why didn't you get it reviewed by a fitness practitioner?' He couldn't answer that one. What an insult to a profession to get some from outside it to review your work.

On the track
Out with the boys for a walk/run.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned because when I get the written response from Fitness Australia and their physiotherapist reviewer I'm going to stack on one hell of a turn.

John Miller

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