Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If this country is the second fattest country on earth then no wonder.

The nation’s top chefs aren’t providing much in the way of leadership. On the contrary they’re leading by poor example. They’re overweight. It’s sending the wrong message to suburbia that when you cook good food be prepared to stack on weight.

We’re big Masterchef watchers in our family, though as far as I’m concerned the welcome is starting to wear thin. By the rate at which they keep chucking contestants off the show it looks as though we’ll still glued to the set in September.

Good, wholesome food shouldn’t fatten people up. When the nation’s chefs are fat you know that they’re either eating too much of a good thing, cooking the wrong sort of food, or stuffing themselves with fat, flour and sugar off camera.

While serial gourmand and food critic Matthew Preston sits in on the show raising his eyebrows and picking at food like a sparrow, the buttons on his sports coat look like they’re ready to explode across the room. It’s obvious he’s tucking in after the show.

Guest celebrity chefs are no different. While they lavish attention on the finer arts of food preparation and turn their noses up at pre-prepared mayonnaise, half of them look like they’ve been super-sizing themselves at McDonalds.

In this country you’d never trust a man who didn’t drink. It’s equally hard to trust a fat chef.

On the track
A good workout on the stepper. 40 minutes all over 140 bpm. 563 Calories and 746 steps.

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, most people who are overweight don't eat enough - of the right food at the right time.

John Miller

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