Sunday, June 20, 2010

65 THE NEW 40 - Tuesday 8th June 2010

Today I turned 65 and I have to say I don't feel like I'm 65.

Ok, I'm a bit greyer, balder and fatter than I'd like to be. I can't do much about the grey or the balding./

At the beginning of the Blogarithm I was 87 Kg. On the 13th of December it was 86.6Kg. Today I'm 84.8. Didn't even lose 2 Kg in all that time. At 26% fat, that's way to high and I've given myself a fail. I've let myself down. I eat too much.

One of my goals was to get down to 78 Kg and fit into the trouser I bought in London seven or so years ago. It's still a goal. I've let myself down.

But on the track today here's what happened.

40 minutes on the stepper for 40 minutes at level 8 all over 140 bpm; 617 calories and 817 steps. Give that a pass.

Situps 65, presups, 50 and squats 50. I'll give that a pass as well, but at 65 I saw Tom Hafey do 100 situps and 100 pressups. That was 10 years ago. I imagine he can still do them.

I would have liked to do the 5 minute, 20 metre run, but I keep tearing my right calf muscle. The good news is that using The Stick has got rid of my Achilles tendonitis. That's very good news. Now I'm working on the calf.

All in all I give myself a 6/10. Fail.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned an stop eating so much. You;re a disgrace.

John Miller

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